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About Us

World class SEO, small town prices.  I'm Chris, husband and father of 4.  I grew up in Chicopee, traveled, relocated, then returned...with gifts for everyone. 

I've been marketing online since 2007, with a specialization in advanced Search Engine Optimization.  I'm part of an underground mastermind consisting of some of the brightest marketing minds on the planet.  My team brings world-class SEO to Western Mass.  Hire us and you will own your local market.  Period.

Our SEO Services

Our search engine optimization consists of a 1-2-3 punch strategy that delivers unbeatable results and maximum Return on Investment.

STEP 1 is solid on-site optimization. This is foundation for your ability to rank.

STEP 2 is off-site optimization, which includes the right mix of powerful and relevant links and signals.

STEP 3 is conversion marketing. It does no good to bring the horse to water if you can't make him drink.

In today's Google, you need all 3 of these to get consistent new business online. Our conversion strategies will ensure maximum leads from the traffic your site is receiving. 

On-Site Audit

We begin with a thorough technical analysis of your site to see what's missing and preventing it from climbing the rankings and getting the exposure in Google that you need.

Keyword Research & Targeting

This is the key to the whole formula working.  You can't just show up in Google for any old keywords that sound related to your services.  There are very specific keywords that local buyers of your services search when they have what's called "buyer intent"...in other words, when they've made the decision to hire someone or spend money.  THOSE are the only keywords that will make you any money online.  Both finding them and then ranking for them is absolutely critical.  Good news...we're masters at both.  

Industry Leading SEO

Our SEO skills are second to none.  Without tooting our own horns too loudly,  we don't have competition.  To put it nicely, our clients dominate Google and everyone else shares what's left.  For many years, we've focused strictly on high end, high value, high competition locations and industries...until recently.  We are now proud to bring our same world-class SEO services to Chicopee and Western Mass, at a fraction of the price!

No Contracts

We're so confident in our abilities that we don't operate with contracts. All of our services are month-to-month because we want our clients to stay with us because they want to, not because they have to. While we never want to see a client leave, we understand that sometimes life just happens to the best of us, and you can discontinue services at any time without penalty if ever needed. Our results speak for themselves, so give us a shot. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain! 

How We Get You To The Top Of Google

Fast Websites!

This is part of the secret sauce. Not all websites are created equal...in fact, most do NOT meet Google's requirements so if you've tried to rank highly but failed in the past, this may explain why. Among the many things Google looks for in a website when considering rankings, speed is among the most important. Our websites pass all of Google's guidelines, and they are THE fastest on the internet, allowing your website to cruise right to the top of the search engines.

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What people are saying about us!

IFuze Marketing has been doing our SEO for some time now and providing an excellent service at that. We track our leads and sales and they have significantly increased since they came on board. Great ROI’s and their service consistently pays for itself ten times over, if not more.

Elijah Rose